Nazis and Comrades

Microhistory of totalitarian dictatorships

At first glance, Újlipótváros, sitting alongside the Danube with its characteristic Bauhaus buildings and coffee shops is a peaceful neighborhood, one of the most popular areas among locals. However, if we take a closer look, we see the marks of the turbulent 20th century.

Our walk shines a light into the dark corners of Újlipótváros by discovering its history from the Holocaust to the change of regime. We visit a safe house where thousands of Jews were crammed during the Holocaust. After the genocide, the respectable neighborhood, which was mainly populated by Jews almost emptied. Nobody was watching, which made it the perfect area for the Intelligence Service’s operations. We pass by buildings, where secret agents operated, and where the Communist party stored its famed car collection. 

Finally, we finish the walk by looking into Hungary’s curious obsession with constantly erecting and displacing political statues by learning the story of the recently displaced Imre Nagy statue, Hungary’s martyr prime minister.


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Architecture | History | Dog are welcome | Jewish heritage | Not recommended for children | Budapest
120 mins
Szent István Park Entrance (map)
Jászai Mari tér, Nagy Imre statute (map)
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Réka Patócs

Réka Patócs

As a Budapest native and someone who has a deep appreciation for the city's layered history, I always do my best to immerse my guests into the culture of this vibrant capital.

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