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Art Nouveau Treasures in Budapest

Art Nouveau in Budapest has always been more than just a style.

During the golden age of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, even though Hungary was tied to Austria, Hungarians longed to express their very own history and culture through art and architecture.

This tour explores the Budapest’s art nouveau heritage by immersing you in the historical context and point out some of the most picturesque buildings of the city. 

We start our tour at Liberty Square, rich in history and stately buildings. After understanding the historical context of Hungarian art nouveau, we walk to our first apartment building. We explore the importance of animal and floral motifs in the rapidly developing 19th century Budapest, then walk to the Postal Savings Bank. This palatial edifice is one of the most famous buildings in Budapest, where even the rooftop if carefully thought out - the architect believed that he designed for the birds of the sky as well. We continue our walk to another apartment building, where we explore how art nouveau architects aimed to design more livable spaces. We take a look at the old Parisiana Dancing Hall, where we can observe the impact of the Austrian art nouveau and its geometrical shapes in Hungary. We finish our walk at the Kazinczy Synagogue, where orthodox Jews combined traditions with cutting-edge architectural solutions.

Explore the hidden art nouveau gems of Budapest and experience how history and dreams were carved on to the facades of the city!


We organize a private tour for a minimum of 10 guests for 350 euros (VAT included). The participation of every additional guest costs 30 euros. The maximum number of guests is 25.
If you are interested in a private tour, please drop a line to Looking forward to see you!

Architecture | Dog are welcome | Jewish heritage | Budapest
120 mins
District V., Szabadság tér 16. (map)
District VII., Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue (map)
6 490,- Ft (VAT included)

Who is your guide?

Réka Patócs

Réka Patócs

As a Budapest native and someone who has a deep appreciation for the city's layered history, I always do my best to immerse my guests into the culture of this vibrant capital.