Budapest’s crumbling facades often hide the capital’s most intriguing venues.

Clubs, workplaces, theatres, galleries and farmers’ markets, sometimes all at once. We show you how ruin pubs recharged the city’s creative energies, where Budapest’s creative minds manage to work and play at once. We also explore spaces where time appears to stand still. In the middle of Budapest, yet somehow still empty, they bridge the faded grandeur of the 19th century with today’s hip ruin revival. Let’s explore these hidden gems, often unheard-of among locals as well! We update the  venues of this tour regularly, following the changes in the city.

Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Fee: 25 EUR/guest
Minimum number of guests: 12
Who are we expecting?
If you are less inclined toward history and rather want to focus on the here and now, join us on this tour and you will be more up to date on new spots than the average local.