Before World War 2, hundreds of thousands of Jews lived in Budapest, creating one of the World’s largest and most diverse Jewish community.

The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy brought a golden age for its Jewish citizens.However, the years of prosperity and inclusion soon ended and were replaced with decline and exclusion, resulting in the Holocaust. After WW2 and the fall of communism, a Renaissance had begun in Hungary; cafés, cultural hubs opened, festivals started, a vivid and unique Jewish community is rejuvenating in Budapest’s downtown. Our walk takes you through hidden synagogues, cultural hubs and  the traces of kosher life in the city!

Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Fee: 25 EUR/guest
Minimum number of guests: 12
Who are we expecting?
If you are interested in the history and presence of Budapest through the lense of Budapest’s biggest minority, or looking for your Jewish ancestors, join us on this tour! You will not only understand Hungarian Jewry’s history better but also immerse yourself in a buzzing contemporary Jewish cultural scene.